I have been pulling back on the gigs the past year, focusing on practicing and developing the new acts. That being said, I still play a couple of gigs a week. It’s almost time to leave the woodshed and start gigging tons. Stayed tuned! (and you can do so, easily by getting on the ol’ mailing list.) ¬†Even though I was trying not to gig that much, I still played around 100 gigs last year! Not bad.

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Lots of gigs coming up. Solo, Duo and full band. Lorelei and I are recording our new project, right now we’re called the Strivers. Look for a new album soon.

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Guitar geeks, (a badge I proudly wear), Contact me if you’re seeking Skype lessons. My home studio lessons are pretty full, but I’m looking to develop my online studio. Contact me if interested.


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